Thirty Days Of Gaming: Day Eleven – Gaming System Of Choice

1st May, 2011 - Posted by Mashupman - No Comments

Just like that we arrive at day eleven of my thirty day challenge. Today we talk about game consoles, specifically about the one that I prefer to game on.

When the current generation of game consoles came to be, I had my eyes set on a Playstation 3. Mostly because it would get some of the games I wanted to play the most. Like Final Fantasy XIII, God of War 3 and the next Gran Turismo, Granted Final Fantasy has now also come out for the Xbox, but back then, it was still an exclusive.


The Wii did not seem all too appealing to me. The control scheme didn’t hook me and from what I had played at events shortly after it had launched over here in The Netherlands. As for the Xbox 360, I had never really gotten into playing it’s predecessor. So the exclusive series for that console had no pull for me.

SO I had no interest in the Wii or the Xbox 360 out of the gate, and the first console I bought was the Playstation 3, yet it’s not may console of choice. Because my gaming console (if given the choice) is the Xbox 360. This is due in a large part because I am totally hooked on the achievement system.

It’s one of those things that doesn’t do anything, but since I have it now I want more of it. Even though the Playstation 3 has later added the Trophy system, it doesn’t have the same appeal to me as the achievement system has. So that’s why my gaming system of choice is the Xbox 360.

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