Thirty Days Of Gaming: Day Thirteen – A Game You’ve Played More Than Five Times

12th May, 2011 - Posted by Mashupman - 2 Comments

Onwards to the thirteenth entry in my Thirty Days Of Gaming. The astute reader will notice I’ve not been posting daily and I will address this in this post. Today’s post will focus on a game I have played more than five times. This will be another oldie, but another goodie.

First off I’m going to address my inability to post on a daily basis. Evidently starting on a daily blog streak just days before leaving on a big trip is not a good thing to do, if you plan on keeping up with your daily. This is why I have modified the challenge for me. I’m going to fulfill the thirty posts, but I’m not going to consider them as daily. So there’s that and now I will resume the regular programming.

Today’s blog is all about a game that I’ve played more than five times. Now I will get to my pick in the next paragraph, but first I have a bone to pick with Nintendo about this. It feels like through the years I’ve only been playing the same five or six games from their studio over and over and over again. With every new console they put out, along comes a new Mario, a new Zelda, a new Metroid, a new Pokémon and a new Mario Kart. And this has been pretty much their line-up of every major console for the last decade or so. Now I applaud them for having a steady line-up of games that are recognizable. But there comes a time when the stack of games featuring their flagship characters will be comical; and in this I give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt that it isn’t that already.

Yet I would like to cite a Capcom favorite that has had a great run on the Nintendo consoles as my pick for this blog. None other than Mega-man, or for those in Japan: Rockman. Specifically I want to talk about the third installment of the series, back on the NES. Mega-man 3 was one of the few games back then that I had been able to finish without the help of guides from magazines or the Game Genie-cheats. But it was also one of the few games that I owned back then, since video games were expensive. Meaning I would play many of my games over and over again, including Mega man 3. I must have played that game through at least ten times.


So there you go. A game that I’ve played over and over, again: Mega man 3. What have you guys played over and over in your time?

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May 12th, 2011 at 15:40    

You know, I don’t know if I can say I have ever played one game 5 or more times through from start to finish.

Final Fantasy 7 is probably closest – I played through that all the way at least 3 times… and that is no short game!


May 12th, 2011 at 15:47    

In more current gaming, I have to say I rarely play a game all the way through more than twice. For an answer to this I have to hop in my wayback machine…and I mean wayyyyyback. Last 3 games I can recall being that way for me were games on the Apple IIe. One was a platformer called Black Magic…the other 2 were Castle Wolfenstein and Return to Castle Wolfenstein (yes those existed well before Id games hehe) I have zero clue how many times I played them through to the end – I remember I ended up wearing out the Black Magic disk…but it was a lot 🙂

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