Thirty Days Of Gaming: Day Fourteen – Gaming Wallpapers

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Day Fourteen of my thirty days of gaming puts me in a tough spot. In my years I’ve made a habit of customizing my desktop with various pictures and themes. But it’s been literally years since I’ve had a gaming related wallpaper. What a pickle.

Over the years I’ve used lots of wallpapers on my systems that supported that type of self expression. Anything from Fractals, to Alien skylines, to cute women – I’m still only human after all. I’ve gone all over the place. At some point I must have used a game theme as a wallpaper. But I can honestly not recall when the last time was I changed the wallpaper away from the standard on my current computers.

I do however remember the last time I didn’t have a standard wallpaper on my desktop computer. Back then I had a scanned image of a trading card game called ‘Middle Earth’ which is a game based on the Lord Of The Rings books, from before the movies were made. It featured a scene in the image of one of my favorite characters Eowyn, busy doing her hair.


The main reason for my picking this image is that Eowyn plays a central role in one of my favorite LOTR moments. This is a short but significant moment when the ringwraith and she come face to face in the battle for Pelennor Fields. The Nazgul proclaims that no man can slay him, at which point Eowyn removes her helmet and reveals that she is no ‘man’ and thus giving her the edge in the ensuing battle.

To the best of my knowledge this was the last wallpaper I put on any of my computers, that was even vaguely related to gaming. Even though it’s a Trading Card Game; It’s still a game, so I’m counting this as my entry for blog number fourteen. Please leave a comment below, and tell me what you’ve been using as s wallpaper.

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