Thirty Days Of Gaming: Day Fifteen – A Game You Are Playing Right Now

1st June, 2011 - Posted by Mashupman - 2 Comments

Challenge fifteen in the Thirty Days Of Gaming is about the heat of the moment. What game am I playing at this moment? True to form I’m going to list a few games in this blog.

So today’s blog is all about the games that I’m playing right now. I’ve decided to split this up into two parts, one part about games that I’m playing as reviews and a second part about games that I myself have purchased and am playing as well.

Firstly, a little something about the games that I am now playing through my video game reviews. One is Lego Pirates of the Caribbean – which I’m playing on my Playstation 3 – and the second game I have on the radar right now, is Dragon Quest VI – which I have for my DS.

Lego Pirates is one of those combinations that make you go: ‘wait, what?’, but then you play it and you can’t stop. In true Lego Adventure fashion it’s got me looking for collectibles in odd places and exploring the main world hub to see if I need to unlock some random character still, in order to complete my roster of characters. This game also features the newly released On Stranger Tides movie, which is a first time I believe that a hereto unreleased movie was included in a Lego adventure game.


The second part of my blog I am dedicating to games that I’m playing currently, that I’ve purchased for myself. There are actually a few games that I’m playing currently, but I will only name two. Firstly I picked up Yoostar 2 for the PS3. A game lets you slip into the shoes of the actors in well known and lesser known scenes. Ever wonder if you could deliver the speech in 300 about dining in Hell? Yoostar lets you find out if you’ve got the chops to pull it off. Using the Playstation Eye (or Kinect sensor) to capture your performance, so you can share it with the world; if you so please.

The second game I’m going to mention here, is Final Fantasy XIII – which I’m playing again; but this time on the Xbox 360. Even though I’ve already played through this game to great extent on the PS3, I’ve decided I also wanted to pick up a majority of the achievements in this game to pad my gamerscore. I am indeed ‘That guy’, which is something I’m not going to hide.


So that’s what I’m currently playing. It’s pretty much all over the place, which is probably due to my eclectic taste in games. I’ve learned through reviews that I shouldn’t judge the games by their covers. I’ve been surprised a few times before and as a result I’ve been giving games the benefit of the doubt, until I myself had a chance to play them. Please leave a comment below with some of the games that you are playing. I’d love to hear about them.

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Posted on: June 1, 2011

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June 1st, 2011 at 14:58    

Yoostar – never heard of it, but it sounds interesting!

how is FFXIII? I assume since you’ve already played through it and are playing again that you like it! I haven’t picked that one up yet.

Right now the only game I’m playing is Pokemon White 😉


June 1st, 2011 at 23:03    

Just recently got Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Lego Batman myself (yes I know I’m woefully behind, sue me 🙂 )

loving both of them, and definitely having a good time!

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