Thirty Days Of Gaming: Day Nineteen – A Game World You Wish You Lived In

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This is the nineteenth entry in the thirty days of gaming challenge. Today’s entry is all about a game world I would want to live in. I’m going to bend the rules a little and talk about two things. First off I’m going to mention a few gaming worlds that I think are very pretty and secondly on that I’d want to live in.

First up, I’m going to highlight some of the worlds in games that I feel are just beautiful. Among them are the lush green fields of Gran Pulse from Final Fantasy 13. The beautiful green fields coupled with a historic elder society give Gran Pulse its glory. Making it feel like a world that was long forgotten by the modern world. Though far to dangerous to live in as a normal human, I cannot pass by this world in this blog.

FF13 Gran pulse

The second world I’m going to highlight in today’s article is the world that is featured in Shadow of the Colossus. This too is a game that I have mentioned before on my blog. So it stands to reason that I would find this world intriguing. Mostly from an aesthetic point of view, since I think the deserted fields and caverns of the Forbidden Land are simply magnificent. Though fascinating, I do not believe it would be wise to decide to live in this forgotten land. Not only will it be hard to survive on just a few salamanders, the world is far too outstretched to traverse without a trusty companion.


The final world I am going to talk about today is the world of Hyrule. Featured in the Legend of Zelda series, this is arguably the best world to live in. One of the good things about this universe is that there is already a civilization there. In my eyes you need that in order to sustain any form of life. So if it were up to me, Hyrule would be the place to be.

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