Thirty Days Of Gaming: Day Twenty One – Game With The Best Story

2nd January, 2012 - Posted by Mashupman - 1 Comment

Entry twenty one in my thirty days of gaming is about the game with the best story. Obviously this will be a game that I’ve enjoyed playing and have played through several times. Knowing that my favorite genre is Role Playing, it won’t be a shock that the game with the best story for me is a role playing game.

For me, video games are a way to escape the daily grind. When selecting games to invest time in, I tend to gravitate towards games that have long and engulfing stories. This is in a large way responsible for my predilection to playing Role Playing Games, like the Final Fantasy series. From there it’s no stretch to say that the game that I feel has the best story is from that series. It is Final Fantasy X.


While this may not be the popular choice to go with, it’s the one that stands out for me. The world portrayed in that game managed to capture my attention and the pilgrim’s tale of Yuna to this day is memorable for me.

The prospect of being able to replay this story on an upcoming Playstation 3 remake has me pretty excited as well. The high definition treatment will make playing through it one more time a whole new experience.

So what are some of the games that have stories that are near and dear to you? Leave a comment below to get in on the conversation.

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January 2nd, 2012 at 23:11    

For me I’d say it depends on what you are looking for in a story. An amazing and deep story arc? See Assassin’s Creed or Uncharted…thought provoking story – the first Bioshock…flat out fun story – Batman Arkham Asylum/City. Not to mention the Homer style epic of Skyrim. Of all of these, the one that sent my head reeling the most was probably Bioshock, with Assassin’s Creed close behind. I’m just glad that storytelling isn’t lost in the gaming world 🙂

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