Thirty Days Of Gaming: Day Twenty Two – A Sequel That Disappointed You

5th January, 2012 - Posted by Mashupman - 1 Comment

Welcome to entry twenty-two in my thirty days of gaming series. Today is all about sequels. Specifically about a sequel that didn’t live up to my expectations. In other words: a game sequel that disappointed me.

Over the years countless game sequels have crossed my desk. Ranging from the obscure to the well known. But out of all of them, there was one that stands out as disappointing to me. That one is the sequel to Quake, simply called Quake 2.


I’m expecting this to be an unpopular choice, because the game is wildly popular. It introduced the infamous railgun into the world of first person shooters. The main factor that let me down was the changes that were made to the rocket launcher.

Back then I played a fair amount of multiplayer in Quake 1 and like pretty much everybody I favored its Rocket Launcher in my games. When Quake 2 was launched the changes that were made to my preferred weapon meant that I needed to rethink my strategies and timing. This threw me off my game so much that I no longer enjoyed playing. The advent of the railgun did little to salvage the multiplayer for me. Thankfully all that was good in the word got restored when Quake 3 was released.

Please leave a comment below with your most disappointed you about a video game sequel.

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Posted on: January 5, 2012

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January 9th, 2012 at 23:05    

I’ll probably have to go with the obvious one – Duke Nukem Forever
Sure it was still kinda fun but – did it just take too long to come out or did I just grow up where the game didn’t? Not sure but I did not have the same crazy fun that I did from the original!

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