Thirty Days Of Gaming: Day Twenty Three – Game With The Best Art Style

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It is now entry twenty-three in my thirty days of gaming. Today is all about the visuals of games. In this blog I’m going to talk about some of my favorite games in that regard. I do have a clear favorite though, which I will save for last.

The visual style of a game can make or break a video game. It can bring you back to the olden times, when six lines could represent a tank. It can also suck your attention into the game completely.

The first game I feel I should mention in this blog is Okami. The entire world looks like an ancient Japanese painting. The game also used cell shading in its style, which further added to the feeling of being inside a painting. Most recently Okami had a surge in popularity with a release of the game for the Nintendo Wii. Allowing even more players to lose themselves in the wondrous adventure.


The second game I wanted to highlight in this blog is the game ‘Heart of Darkness’. This was a side scrolling platform adventure for the original Playstation console. Similar to Dragon’s Lair the player needed to input command with expert timing, or face the death scene for the game. Conversely you only had one life to play the game with, making it supremely difficult. What gets it into this blog, though, is the stunning world that was created for this game.


By now it shouldn’t be hard to guess that the final game I wanted to talk about today is ‘Shadow of The Colossus’. The game itself was released on the tail-end of the Playstation 2 era. By this time developers were very familiar with techniques like seamless loading, which made open world games feel truly immersive; due to the absence of loading screens. This kept you stuck to the game. Coupled with the haunting world that you explore in this game gives it a place on this list.


Please leave a comment below with some of the games you feel have the best graphics or art-style.

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