Thirty Days Of Gaming: Day Twenty Four – Favorite Classic Game

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It’s time for the twenty-fourth entry in my Thirty Days Of Gaming. Only a few more to go and the topics are winding down to some of the harder ones in the series. Today it’s time to talk about a few of my favorite classic games. But first a discussion about what I classify as classic games.

So first things first, I’m going to describe what I feel are classic consoles. By bordering this off I can then go into which games from that era I believe to be the best classic games. To me the classics era of gaming really revolves around anything that is from before the mid nineties. The best delimiter I’ve found is the launch of the PlayStation console. Up until that point is what I’m going to consider classic games in this post.

There were a lot of games that came out on the classic home consoles. The NES and Master System kicked the home gaming into overdrive. And by the time we hit sixteen bits the market was huge. Many of my fondest memories are of Super Nintendo (Super Famicom) games. Including, but not limited to, Earthwork Jim, Killer Instinct, Mortal Kombat 2, Street Fighter 2. And I’m noticing these are mostly fighting games. I’m also starting to wonder if I may have had anger issues back then. Ow well.


The bigger ones that stand out for me are role playing games though. Games like Shadowrun, Secret of Evermore, Chrono Trigger and one of my all time favorite games, Secret of Mana. Countless hours have I spent going over these games back to front. Grinding out enemies to level up new gear or just to get full mastery of this new magic spell I had earned.

Another game that has spent a great many hours inside the console of the time is Mega-Man. Specifically it’s Mega-Man 3. Back when this was cutting edge technology, actually owning a game would pretty much guarantee many hours of playing it. Add to this the option of continuing your game from a previous moment, via an intricate combination of blue and red dots on a grid. You could play and play and re-play levels of this game, up to the point where you beat the snot out of every boss in the game. It helped that this game was constantly the same. Enemies will always spawn on the same points. They all have clear patterns in which they move, attack and evade your attacks. Perfect for a gamer that has the memory and the time for it.


So those are some of my favorite classic games. Obviously I deliberately limited myself to this era, simply to keep the pool of games to choose from relatively small. Please leave a comment below describing some of your favorite games from days of yore.

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