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Finally, after having this blog registered for years and years. The time has come to get some content up on the page. I found out about the 30 days of gaming meme a few days into April, but have decided that I will not be bound by an arbitrary consignment to a month. I will post 30 articles, one a day; for the coming 30 days. Adhering to the content suggestions provided by the 30 days of gaming meme, but not to the month of April.

Spurred on by the collected nerd-pressure of a number of my peers, I will work diligently to post each article in a timely fashion and also make sure that i don’t cut any corners with them. They’ll be decent in length and will not just be a flurry of screenshots.

And with that, my life as a blogger has officially begun.

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Posted on: April 20, 2011

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