Thirty Days Of Gaming: Day Twenty Six – Favorite Voice Acting

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Welcome to day twenty six and yet another blog in this Thirty Days, challenge. Today is all about voice acting. Games would just not be the same without it and today I’m going to highlight some of my favorites.

For years now having voiced characters as opposed to only having text and a player’s imagination to breathe life into a character has complemented video games. While there is merit to letting the players form their own voice and speech to each character, having them acted out by actors gives a lot of depth to the storytelling and pacing of a sequence.

While not voice acting in the strictest form, the voices in Lego adventure games has always stood out for me. The way characters have their own, for lack of a better term, voices; even though they’re uttering only seemingly random mumblings is quite a feat.


Another game that springs to mind is Portal. Pretty much the entire game GLaDOS is the only talking character. Not only is GLaDOS the closest thing to a companion the player has in this game, The comments she makes are hilarious. Even though she wants to murder you, you cannot help but laugh and be enthralled by her.


The last game I want to mention today is Heavy Rain. This game made a big splash when it was announced with a trailer at E3. But then it got very quiet when people talked about this game. A year quickly passed, and not much about the project was released by Quantic Dream. But when it came out, it made a sizable splash.


The actors behind the characters in Heavy Rain were all filmed while in the booth doing their lines. Later their facial expressions could be worked into the game. This was done to intensify the performance and give the digital characters more depth and persona.

And since I’m naming this my pick for best voice acting, I’d think it’s evident that I feel they achieved what they set out to do. I will leave you with one final story about this game that made me laugh out loud. The character that was used in the first E3 trailer, was a girl auditioning for a part. This virtual girl sat down and proceeded to read her lines into the observing camera. In the end she walks off and you hear the producers write her off for being too short for the part. When I was playing through the game and saw that they later used this character as a prostitute, I couldn’t help but take that as a hilarious comment on the acting business.

So there we have it. Please leave a comment describing some of your favorite voice acting in video games. As I’ve shown you mine, now it’s your turn to show me yours.

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