Thirty Days Of Gaming: Day Twenty Eight – Favorite Game Developer

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It is now time for entry twenty-eight in this series. Today we deal with another favorite blog, my favorite game developer. If you’ve been reading the blogs, this should not come as a surprise to you.

Today’s blog will focus on my all time favorite game developer. But I’m going to put in a few honorable mentions in there, because I feel I really can’t just name one and be done with it.

First off I’m going to get right into it and say that Squaresoft and later Square Enix is my favorite game developer of all time. They’ve been at the root of tons of gaming hours spent by me behind a console, working my way through a new RPG that came out. The list of Square Enix games that I loved playing is pretty extensive. Going all the way back to Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross; As well as several of the Final Fantasy games. And at that time having a game pretty much meant you would need to play it for a long time, because they were scarce but also because they were very expensive. Having games that gave me lots of playtime was a wonderful thing.


I couldn’t just let this article be the one developer though. Over the years I’ve spent so many hours playing all sorts of games it wouldn’t feel right to end this post here. SO that’s why I’m going to be including a few honorable mentions.

The first one I want to give some attention real quick is Lucas Arts. Mainly for giving me games like Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle. Also on that list are games like X-Wing, Tie-Fighter and X-wing versus Tie-Fighter. All of which were frequently played on my computer.

Other developers getting lots of play, even recently include the French studio Ubisoft. Which is responsible for games like Rayman, XIII and recently the Assassin’ Creed series. Especially the Assassin’s Creed series holds a place in my heart. The mixture between actual history and fiction in those games make me long for more of them once I finish the story. The prospect of one that is set during the United States revolutionary war has me very excited.


The final honorable mention goes to Japanese developer Capcom. Who are responsible for games like Mega man, Street Fighter and Resident Evil. For nearly twenty years, Capcom have taken my quarters in arcades and I’ve mentioned before how much I love the Mega Man games.


Those were some of my favorite game developers. Please leave a comment below to tell me some of yours.

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