Thirty Days Of Gaming: Day Thirty – Favorite Game Of All Time

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Day thirty! The final entry in this series has come around. And today I’m going to talk about some of my favorite games of all time. Yes I’m not just picking one, that’s just impossible.

Through the years I’ve played a great number of video games. According to my profile, I have amassed a sizable collection of games now. And that is even without even counting all the retro stuff in my collection. But today I’m going to transcend the generations of gaming that I have had my hands on. Some of these are things that have been featured on my blog. Some of them have yet to come to the foreground.

Then first game I’m going to talk about is Final Fantasy X. While probably not the popular choice with fans of the Final Fantasy series, I’ve always loved the story of Yuna and the pilgrimage that she must undertake. The linearity of this game never struck me as limiting or restrictive. I’ve always appreciated the fact that FFX wanted to tell you a story. And it told you this story in a linear fashion. This enables the game to deliver the story in a consistent manner, and I won’t fault Square for that.


For a long while I thought the second game I would talk about, was going to be Shadow of The Colossus. But I feel like I’ve already given a lot of props to it already; even though I do really adore that game. Today however, I’m going to highlight another game. I’m going to talk about a game that I’ve played in the arcades, as well as on the home console of the time. The game I’m referring to is Killer Instinct; which was a fighting game back in the ninetees.

I was such a fan of this game, in fact, that it was the reason for which I purchased a Super NES in that time. It was released as a pack-in game with a special bundle. This game featured outrageous combo’s that went on for up to forty hits; as well as Killer moves that would end the life of your opponent completely. A sequel to the game was later released for the Nintendo 64, called Killer Instinct Gold; although it never could reach the popularity of first title.


And finally the last game I’m going to talk about is actually two games. That’s right I changed the rules on changing the rules. But these games are so similar that I’m counting them as one and the same. They are Guitar Hero and Rock Band; In short, they are music-based rhythm games. From the very first installment of Guitar Hero on the Playstation 2, I have been hooked on them like a fly on a turd. And that goes for all these music-based games. They pull you in with great music and challenging gameplay and they don’t go out of style.

guitar-hero-3-versus-rock-bandSo that’s it. Some of my favorite games of all time. As said, it’s nearly impossible for me to just pick one game. So I didn’t. Please leave a comment below with your favorites!

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