A Talk With A Geeky Girl Gamer: Linda Mulder

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Gamerweblog.com is putting together a series of interviews with gaming ladies of all walks of life. In an effort to put the spotlight on what many still believe is a rarity, the girl who is an avid gamer. Today we highlight: Linda Mulder.

Can you briefly explain what you do?
“I am a Junior Software Developer since I graduated roughly a half year ago. And I enjoy it very much, there is a lot to learn every day.”

Does that leave you a great deal of time to play games?
“Let’s say enough time to play games, but I don’t game as often as I would like. I also have a lot other stuff to do (which I nevertheless also enjoy 🙂 )”

Linda Mulder

Linda Mulder

When you do have a night to spare, what is your go-to game?
“That changes every now and then, but at the moment I really enjoy playing Skyrim. I’ve owned it for quite a while but after a short try I didn’t like it. Now I’ve bought a new desktop it’s a whole other experience.”

What are some of the other games that you enjoy playing?
“Mostly I like to play (MMO)RPG’s and adventure games like Batman, Assassins Creed and Final Fantasy. And occasionally an FPS, but sadly I am not very good at those types of games. I am eagerly waiting for the release of Guild Wars 2 because I haven’t played a MMORPG for a long time. And for co-op I like to play LEGO games on my Xbox.”

Any game(s) that you are playing through at the moment?
“Well, as I said before, I’m playing Skyrim mostly now and I play LEGO Batman 2 (DC superheroes) when I’m gaming with my boyfriend.”

Linda Mulder

Linda Mulder

What would you pick as your all-time favorite game that you have played?
“Wow, that’s a really tough decision to make. Each game that I’ve played has its own “charm”. I guess that my all-time favorite is Guild Wars though. I have put lots and lots of time in that game and that was mostly because of the community (the guild I was a part of). Some evenings I just went online and didn’t even play but chatted with fellow gamers. I never had that experience again with other games.”

Do you have a favorite platform that you play games on? And can you explain why it is your favorite?
“Each platform has its own pros and cons. I guess I like playing on the Xbox the most. Mainly because I can play it from my couch, which is cool. I also think the controls are intuitive.”

To conclude the article, I’d like to use this set of ten questions that I have prepared to include in every interview. For this I have taken inspiration from Bernard Pigott and James Lipton (Inside The Actor’s Studio).

Here they are, the Trivial Ten!

1. What is your favorite word?

2. What is your least favorite word?
“I guess the use of the word “chick” to describe a woman”

3. What draws you into a game?
“It’s primarily the story that draws me into a game.”

4. What turns you off of a game?
“Annoying controls”

5. What game mechanic do you love?
“No particular mechanic comes to mind”

6. What game mechanic do you hate?
“Cut-scenes that are too long. I want to play the game!”

7. What is your favorite curse word?

8. What game that you’ve not played would you like to pick up?
“I have a bad habit in buying games when they release and then never find the time to actually play them. This way the games keep piling up, unfortunately. One of those games is Final Fantasy 13-2.”

9. What games do you steer clear from?
“Real-time-strategy games are definitely not the type of games I like to play.”

10. If you were to design a game, what would be the name of the main character?
“Really corny, but I would give her the name I use for every character I play with: Nardae :)”

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September 3rd, 2012 at 22:35    

so your the one who took my name in gw2? 😉


September 4th, 2012 at 09:31    

Too bad, you took MY name. Have that one since I was 14.


January 4th, 2017 at 14:27    

Hej Linnie, goed interview en ik herkende kr meteren na al die jaren. Zit je nu in de game wereld ??? Gr, R.

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