A Talk With A Geeky Girl Gamer: Ali Spagnola

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Gamerweblog.com is putting together a series of interviews with gaming ladies of all walks of life. In an effort to put the spotlight on what many still believe is a rarity, the girl who is an avid gamer. Today we highlight: Ali Spagnola.

Hello Ali, Can you tell us about what you do for a living?
“I’m a lead artist at a video game company. So I create graphics and animations. I also write all of our video game music. But not for long! At the end of January I’m leaving that career to pursue making music and parties full time.”

Does that leave you a great deal of time to play games?
“With my day job and running my Power Hour business and live shows, I don’t have any time to play games. Occasionally I’ll hit some solitaire on flights to/from shows but that’s even rare because most of the time I’m sleeping on planes.”

As a proper musician, is it impossible for you to play games like Rock Band?
“It’s fun to play at parties but if I play more than a couple of rounds, I just get frustrated and want to put my practicing into getting better at playing the actual guitar. Though I did play a Guitar Hero controller on stage for one of my Pittsburgh shows. I was opening for Freezepop and they’re known for having songs on Guitar Hero. I decided to rock out with a controller the whole show pretending it was actually an instrument making music… it was not.”

Ali Spagnola

Ali Spagnola

Please picture the following: You’re home..
“[Interrupting] Ok. Pictured. That was nice.”

Has being an industry professional changed the way you play games? In what way(s)?
“I definitely analyze user interfaces much more after having worked on so many. I’m always looking for interesting and attractive ways other people are presenting that kind of stuff.”

Apart from awesome binge drinking parties, what other games do you enjoy playing?
“I’ve actually been messing around on Luminosity lately. When I can find the time, I like working through those brain games. I have yet to decide if they help me or not. Gotta do something to counteract the brain-cell-killing alcohol.”

I understand it’s like picking your favorite baby, but with sixty one-minute songs in your power hour; are there any songs in particular that you favor?
“I like the bonus track – only 30 seconds long – called “Sixty and a Half”. It’s super electo/pop sounding which is definitely one of my favorite genres. (That’s also the genre of my previous album, “The Ego”.) If we’re talking about performing live, my favorite has to be “Synonyms for Drunk”. It’s always fun to rip through 91 different words for drunk as fast as I can.”

Ali Spagnola

Ali Spagnola

Do you tend to finish games that you play? Or do you hop around between a vast number of unfinished titles?
“Yeah, I’m not a completist when it comes to games. I’m all about follow through and executing on the highest levels with my music/art so games are my place to be uncommitted and flippant.”

Are there any games that you are playing through at the moment?
“Nope. I actually can’t even remember the last time I played a Power Hour! I’m always playing shows but when I’m performing, I’m being the party ringleader, not joining in on the game. I really should do one soon to celebrate that my Power Hour legal battle is over. I’m going to aim to play one after my Indiegogo campaign is over!”

What would you say is your biggest pet peeve about games these days?
“I don’t like that these ‘games’ on Facebook are being called games. Clicking a cow is not a game. It’s an activity.”

Any upcoming games that have you all excited?
“Well, as of this interview, I’m very excited about my Post-Indiegogo Power Hour Celebration game! Haha maybe I’ll do a livestream and drink along with everyone online.”

Ali Spagnola

Ali Spagnola

Do you have a favorite platform that you play games on? And can you explain why it is your favorite?
“Mobile phone because it’s with me all the time. (Except when I drop it at the bar.) That’s also the platform for which I’ve created most of my games so I feel connected to it. (Except when I drop it at the bar.)”

To conclude the article, I’d like to use this set of ten questions that I have prepared to include in every interview. For this I have taken inspiration from Bernard Pigott and James Lipton (Inside The Actor’s Studio).

Here they are, the Trivial Ten!

1. What is your favorite word?

2. What is your least favorite word?

3. What draws you into a game?
“Good mechanics”

4. What turns you off of a game?
”Bad music”

5. What game mechanic do you love?
“Canabalt/Robot Unicorn Attack”

6. What game mechanic do you hate?
“Angry Birds. No joke. Flinging those things just never got me interested.”

7. What is your favorite curse word?

8. What game that you’ve not played would you like to pick up?
“Portal 2”

9. What games do you steer clear from?
“Minecraft. I fear I may get sucked in.”

10. If you were to design a game, what would be the name of the main character?
“Dynamic so you can make it yourself.”

I would like to take this moment that thank you for answers. And would like to leave you some space for any final comments you may have for the readers. Is there anything in particular you want to share?
“Thanks for having me over! If anybody feels like contributing to my campaign they can visit my Indiegogo campaign site.”

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