A Talk With A Geeky Girl Gamer: Miranda Slieker

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Gamerweblog.com is putting together a series of interviews with gaming ladies of all walks of life. In an effort to put the spotlight on what many still believe is a rarity, the girl who is an avid gamer. Today we highlight: Miranda Slieker

Hi Miranda, can you briefly explain what you do?
“In the morning I help clean elderly folks’ homes. At night I help clean in a hospital. Finally when I’m home I will help out with stuff for www.gamersdag.nl. I handle Public Relations together with my boyfriend, Ivo. We contact publishers and request games from them. We then send these to our crew, who review them for the site. Sometimes I post game news on the website. We also interview Dutch celebrities for GDTV, you can find and watch them on the Gamersdag.nl.”

Does that leave you a great deal of time to play games?
“Unfortunately it doesn’t.”

Do you enjoy hopping from one game to the next, or do you spend hours and hours delving into one specific game?
“Depends on the game.”

Miranda Slieker

Miranda Slieker

Any game(s) that you are playing through at the moment?
“At this moment I ‘am playing Cut the Rope, SongPop and Ruzzle on my iPhone.”

What was the first video game you remember playing?
“Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES, but I wasn’t very good at it.”

What would you say is the main reason you play video games?
“Because it is relaxing, you can play a video game and put your thoughts to something else.”

Do you have a favorite platform that you play games on? And can you explain why it is your favorite?
“That is a good question; we have all the consoles at home and every single one has something that speaks for it. But the platform that I play the most games on is the Nintendo Wii, because I am more of a non-gamer.”

Miranda Slieker

Miranda Slieker

To conclude the article, I’d like to use this set of ten questions that I have prepared to include in every interview. For this I have taken inspiration from Bernard Pigott and James Lipton (Inside The Actor’s Studio).

Here they are, the Trivial Ten!

1. What is your favorite word?
“Indeed or doesn’t matter; I say that one a lot.”

2. What is your least favorite word?

3. What draws you into a game?
“The characters, like the Rabbids.”

4. What turns you off of a game?
“If I don’t know what I have to do or where I have to go.”

5. What game mechanic do you love?
”I don’t know,”

6. What game mechanic do you hate?
“I don’t know.”

Miranda Slieker

Miranda Slieker

7. What is your favorite curse word?
“Sukkel, which is Dutch for dork”

8. What game that you’ve not played would you like to pick up?
“All the Assassins Creed games, I watch when Ivo plays the games but I don’t have the patience to play them.”

9. What games do you steer clear from?
”World of Warcraft, I am not a PC gamer.”

10. If you were to design a game, what would be the name of the main character?
”I really don’t know, maybe Eminem because I‘m a big fan of his.”

I would like to take this moment that thank you for answers. And would like to leave you some space for any final comments you may have for the readers. Is there anything in particular you want to share?
“Thank you for the interview and I want to thank the readers that they have taken the time for reading it. Game on!”

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Nice interview!

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